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Why did Google “accidentally” steal/sniff WiFi information?

Why did Google “accidentally” steal/sniff wifi information? My thought: to get their location API working! Wikipedia article on how the Geolocation API works in HTML5 .. its quite obvious isn’t it?

Also, interesting company “Skylook”, from Wikipedia (;

Skyhook Wireless (formerly known as Quarterscope) is a Boston-based company that has developed a technology for determining geographical location using Wi-Fi as the underlying reference system. Using the MAC addresses of nearby wireless access points and proprietary algorithms, WPS can determine the position of a mobile device within 20–30 meters.


At the Macworld Conference & Expo in January 2008, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that both the iPhone and iPod Touch will use Skyhook’s WPS as the primary location engine for Google Maps and other applications.[5] Skyhook WPS is also available on the Apple iPad, launched in March 2010.