Free Online (Name) Text List comparison tool

This little tool solves a real problem of being able to loosely compare and find matches between 2 seperate lists of names, lines or words. While modern text editors can compare files for literal technical matching lines they are not good at "rough"/fuzzy matches (they can usually do case insensitive matches but thats it).

The tool compares two sets of data, each line is compared (order of lines is irrelevant we will compare each line in each set to each line in the other set), considering near-matches, fuzzy logic and more in for you to find out of there are similarities between the two sets. The tool caters for case-insensitive data, ordering and uses techniques like Metaphone, Levenshtein, factual matching and other algorithms.

For example:

Fill in the boxes below to get started and have fun! If the tool helped you in some cool or important way it would be nice if you dropped me a line on email address "daniel (at) nexle (dot) dk" :-)

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This PHP page/code is hosted online for use on and is also available for free download on Daniel Iversen's GitHub repo