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My favorite (mostly) free iPhone apps for (mostly) business

Following are my most favorite (95% free) iPhone apps that I use for work and recommend in the areas of;

–  Communications
–  News
–  Social Media
–  References, Directories and other


  • Google Exchange Sync – while not technically an app, GMail is great, syncing GMail with your iPhone – priceless 😉
  • GMail – while the iPhone mail client is o.k. (and you already sync your GMail with the phone – see above) the web based GMail app is handy – its very sleek on the iPhone and have the good old search and ‘starring’ functionality that we’ve come to expect. Bookmark to your home screen
  • (Skype) – you can actually do without this one now – see below
  • Fring – An all in one communication tool that links up Skype, MSN, Yahoo etc.
  • Google Talk – just a bookmark to their iPhone based website
  • LinkedIn – The #1 social network for business
  • MightyMeeting – upload PPT and PDF presentations to the cloud and “present them” while on the road from your iPhone to peoples laptops and desktops!
  • UStream Broadcaster – record and broadcast video over the Internet with your phone
  • PushMail – This is the only non-free app I’ve included ($2.99). It basically allows selective push notifications for email. Combine it with some GMail filters, forwarding and a new email account and you have something really special going on for those select important mails!


  • ABC – great native app for news (don’t think I’m linking to the one I use here – I use the Australian one)
  • – bookmark their iphone site, its great and ersonalisable
  • NYTimes – another great native app for news
  • Digg– another great native app for news and other cool stuff from
  • TechCrunch – again, this is just a bookmark on the homescreen to their iPhone version of the website – good though

Social Media

Reference, documents and other

  • <My banks iPhone website> – home banking – your bank probably has something similar
  • TripViewLite – get an overview of Sydney trains and plan your trip
  • Wi-Fi Finder – find free wireless hotspots wherever you ar
  • Convert Units – global unit converter
  • DropBox – A great free multi-platform file sharing app I use for work – now for iPhone too. For free 2GB space, register here
  • FlashCards – have to learn something by heart?
  • YellowPages – Australian business directories listings
  • White Pages – directories listings
  • ZoneTimeLite – view the time across multiple time zones in a clever way
  • File Ninja – allows you to access Google Docs remotely. Its the only app that can deal with large spreadsheets (although they can still be slow)