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Kindle e-books now outselling hardcover books on Amazon!

Kindle books are now outselling hardcover books on Amazon… what does this mean?

Have we finally reached a point where ebooks are going to have the huge transformational impact some people think it will have..

Wired’s Chris Anderson’s had a good theory in 2004 on how to predict a technology shift and watch for 4 signals (that don’t all have to be present) for the technology shift;

1) The technology price reaches a certain lower point

2) The market share goes above a certain threshold (tech is usually 20% or so)

3) The technology reaches an inflection point where it displaces an existing technology

4) The price of the technology approaches “free”

Watch Chris Anderson’s great video on technology takeoff prediction –

I love that great ebooks (also tech ones that normally cost upwards to AUD$100) now often costs $9.95 and how its just such a fantastic reading experience on the Kindle! (the fact that you can carry stacks of books with you and review your digital book highlightings easily is fantastic)