RIP Google Wave

RIP Google Wave – …. Come on @google!!, you should have kept pushing through with Wave – such a bold vision. Of course it was early days – maybe most people didn’t quite value or understand the potential yet?.. At least some(/all?) of it is open source but we needed a giant to push it through. Shame shame.

Marc Andreessen interview

A moderately interesting (but admittedly too long and slightly boring in spots) interview with Netscape founder and VC Marc Andreessen. Topics are around social networks (including FaceBook, Ning, Google, LinkedIn etc.), the newspaper business (having a go at the NY Times in relation to future of the print edition), his new investment fund, historic tech trends and more.

Originally sourced from Charlie Rose:

The Truth According to Wikipedia

Following is an interesting video which takes a critical view on Web 2.0s impact on society – Wikipedia is the main topic. There is good discussions from both sides. Video is rather long (45mins) but reasonably interesting.

Mobile ‘Poor mans GPS’ in action – just the start!

Not sure when it happened but Google launched a new beta version of its Google Maps for Mobiles with a feature “My Location”. This feature allows you to see your approximate location on a map via a mobile phone without using GPS. It calculates your location based on the nearest phone towers. Its nothing new but its exciting that the technology is starting to get used some more. While the Google thing works on many platforms, the Java integration of this technology is under JSR-179 “Location API” and there is a pretty cool article about the Java Location API here. This is just the beginning! This technology over the next year is going to get so hot!! Imagine the advertising potential as well as the opportunity for new and exciting business ideas around social computing etc.. How exciting.