RIP Google Wave

RIP Google Wave – …. Come on @google!!, you should have kept pushing through with Wave – such a bold vision. Of course it was early days – maybe most people didn’t quite value or understand the potential yet?.. At least some(/all?) of it is open source but we needed a giant to push it through. Shame shame.

Installing latest MediaTomb on CentOS 5.x 32-bit

If I ever have to do it again.. since it turned out to be extremely easy (if you look a little longer and resists compiling it from source), here is how to install MediaTomb on CentOS (or in my case “Installing MediaTomb on CentOS 5.4”);

“[MediaTomb is] an open source (GPL) UPnP MediaServer with a web user interface and AV transcoding support” (Wikipedia)

MediaTomb can be read about and downloaded (in source form) from

(Found the right software packages from
Instructions are as follows….

Marc Andreessen interview

A moderately interesting (but admittedly too long and slightly boring in spots) interview with Netscape founder and VC Marc Andreessen. Topics are around social networks (including FaceBook, Ning, Google, LinkedIn etc.), the newspaper business (having a go at the NY Times in relation to future of the print edition), his new investment fund, historic tech trends and more.

Originally sourced from Charlie Rose:

Different Cache Implementations

Looking into different cache modules for high performance dynamic websites. Looks like many of the big sites (YouTube, Flickr, New York Times and many more) are using memcached which looks to be a very interesting and straight forward piece of software.. Then as I have the luxury of working in a pure J2EE environment I have looked into pure-java caching frameworks as well (like ehcache). This article is an interesting (but maybe not elaborate) example of the two;