Solaris OS not what it was.. A cool tech is slowly dying..

..I loved the Solaris OS. It was the first unix system i had a long time experience with and i loved its robustness and the fact that it would run smooth on old servers you could pick up for nothing on eBay. Since Oracle bought Sun it has been going downhill for Solaris; Earlier this year the OS became non-free and now OpenSolaris is getting the cold shoulder from Oracle as wewll – – a little sad. Thanks @Oracle! 🙁

RIP Google Wave

RIP Google Wave – …. Come on @google!!, you should have kept pushing through with Wave – such a bold vision. Of course it was early days – maybe most people didn’t quite value or understand the potential yet?.. At least some(/all?) of it is open source but we needed a giant to push it through. Shame shame.