Installing latest MediaTomb on CentOS 5.x 32-bit

If I ever have to do it again.. since it turned out to be extremely easy (if you look a little longer and resists compiling it from source), here is how to install MediaTomb on CentOS (or in my case¬†“Installing MediaTomb on CentOS 5.4”);

“[MediaTomb is] an open source (GPL) UPnP MediaServer with a web user interface and AV transcoding support” (Wikipedia)

MediaTomb can be read about and downloaded (in source form) from

(Found the right software packages from
Instructions are as follows….

“Unbreakable Linux”?

Although I do not trust Linux in every scenario and application, Oracle has just made a pretty great announcement (and cheeky too!) to provide enterprise support for Linux (Oracle DB or not) for Red Hat installations at rates beating Red Hat’s own prices¬†with more than 60% and the best part – they backport bugfixes like Sun has always done and can provide a before unseen indemnity support for Linux IP lawsuits… this is very exciting I think!! Larry Ellison’s presentation was quite good too (link on Oracle front page) and hopefully it will all mature the Linux market a bit;

Google testing Sun’s OpenSolaris

“Google testing Sun’s OpenSolaris, sources say (September 20 2006, 12:00AM)

Despite so-so interest among open-source developers, Sun’s OpenSolaris is getting attention from Google, which is eyeing the operating system as a possible replacement for Linux in its data center, according to sources. ”

This is interesting and would be good for the momentum of OpenSolaris… I think the world could use some more Solaris and less Windows and Linux….

Read the article on ComputerWorld