The little engine that could…

Very good example where an underdog beats the big money..

“Connecticut startup Kayak has raised $223 million in venture capital and employs 58 people to build and grow its travel search site. Its chief competitor, San Francisco based Mobissimo, has raised $1 million
and has just 15 employees. Mobissimo also became profitable last year
and the company doesn’t have to raise more money unless it’s to fuel
faster growth or acquisitions.

It’s also clear even from a cursory comparison of the two sites that
Mobissimo is trying harder than Kayak to help you find exactly the
flight and hotel you are looking for
. Kayak is largely similar to other
travel search sites – enter where you want to go and get back results
from a number of providers, sort by price, etc.”

“Unbreakable Linux”?

Although I do not trust Linux in every scenario and application, Oracle has just made a pretty great announcement (and cheeky too!) to provide enterprise support for Linux (Oracle DB or not) for Red Hat installations at rates beating Red Hat’s own prices with more than 60% and the best part – they backport bugfixes like Sun has always done and can provide a before unseen indemnity support for Linux IP lawsuits… this is very exciting I think!! Larry Ellison’s presentation was quite good too (link on Oracle front page) and hopefully it will all mature the Linux market a bit;