..been hacking IIS, tomcat, load balancing and FatWire all day..

great for a change… what did we learn? IIS and Tomcat integration still sucks, load balancing in the plugin is so neat and simple.. VMWare bare metal virtualisation and physical redundancy rocks all the time, IIS (7.x) has come a long way since the “dark days”..

…and should have known about the free awesome(!) www.cloudshare.com instant-on virtualisation before spending time and reinstalled  my laptop with Windows 2008 Server trial 😉

Installing latest MediaTomb on CentOS 5.x 32-bit

If I ever have to do it again.. since it turned out to be extremely easy (if you look a little longer and resists compiling it from source), here is how to install MediaTomb on CentOS (or in my case “Installing MediaTomb on CentOS 5.4”);

“[MediaTomb is] an open source (GPL) UPnP MediaServer with a web user interface and AV transcoding support” (Wikipedia)

MediaTomb can be read about and downloaded (in source form) from  http://mediatomb.cc/

(Found the right software packages from http://rpm.pbone.net)
Instructions are as follows….